These pieces are designed to bring out the beautifully raw qualities of stone, fabric and bronze. They have been sculpted, sometimes in deliberately abstract ways, to heighten the pure sense of weight or surface or timelessness.


21st century expressions of movement and repose. A homage to how legendary Modernist designs reinvented the relationship between the human body and furniture.


Unusual shapes are collaged together and divided by precise cut-points. Though practical and useful they have the aura of sculpted artworks.


An important symbol in Aztec culture, feathers represented qualities such as creation, wisdom, and protection. They are also significant in the crossovers between Mexican art, Art Deco, and contemporary designs. These pieces draw on these dynamic fusions of myth and modernity.


This series expresses, literally but very subtly, the emotional effects that are produced by art, and the mysterious and transformational qualities of light.


An exploration into the ways we experience or imagine the universe. The effects produced by the compositions and surfaces range from moonlight to a sense of eternal rebirth.