Gloria Cortina’s architectural interiors for an international gallerist’s high-rise apartment in Hudson Yards, New York, created spaces with the quality of a jewel-box. The rooms contain pieces from the gallerist’s personal collections of art and vintage pieces – the latter includes a coffee table by the Brazilian designer Jorge Zalszupin.

Gloria shaped and fully curated the apartment’s spaces into ‘a living three-dimensional composition’ with changing scales and atmospheres. In the living room, for example, the deliberately moveable pieces of furniture are like building-blocks that can change the perspectives and ambience. In the master bedroom, richly figured ziricote wood panels create a sense of being embedded in much earlier times.

Furniture and fittings designed by Gloria specifically for this apartment include a ‘brujula’ dining table inspired by Donald Judd’s sculptures, with capped bronze legs signifying the cardinal compass-points. Her other pieces included credenza cabinets in obsidian and black parchment, and her curated pieces include exquisite glassware by the Danish designer Tora Urup.