Mexico 2016

This book is about a very individual approach to design. Gloria Cortina has no interest in portraying her work simply as a brand. She believes that design should be a contemporary expression of culture and craft.

That is why the images and texts on these pages do not convey her work in obvious ways. Instead, they reveal many of the essential ideas and character of her designs.

And in them, the aesthetics of Mexico’s cultural heritage appear, subtly and exquisitely, in her uniquely sensual 21st century compositions.

Publisher / Editorial RM
Art Direction & Design / Aloof
Words / Jay Merrick
Photography / Michael Calderwood
Print / Push

Edition of 1,500 / ISBN: 978-84-16282-326

27.9w 3.8d 41.3h cm / 11w 1½d 16¼h in