Gloria’s architectural interiors for this substantial two-storey apartment in Reforma, Mexico City, are a completely curated three-dimensional composition of spaces, furniture, fittings and artworks covering 1000m2.

Her design is based on a matrix of carefully related scales, colours, textures, and qualities of light – such as the shadows from the grid of the skylight, which resemble the abstract white quartz ‘feathers’ on the North & South cabinet designed by Gloria; another example is the way bronze floor strips are in a patterned dialogue with the rug patterns and furniture bases around them.

Gloria designed most of the hand-made furniture and fittings, and the range of materials includes oak-veneered walls, leather-framed doors, neon script, onyx, one-off silk and wool rugs, and a black bronze balustrade which rises into an angled turn to form a small study space.

Hudson Yards